New Services

We are glad to announce the following new services on our AXS e-Station.

National Environment Agency

Select: eServices > NEA

- Fines
- Hawker Stalls Payment
- Licences Payment

Select: eServices > MOE

- MOE Bills Payment
- School Bills Payment
The Learning Lab

Select: eServices > The Learning Lab

- School Fees Payment
My English School

Select: eServices > My English School

- Course Fee Payment
Singapore Polytechnic

Select: Education > Singapore Polytechnic

- School Fees Payment
Nanyang Polytechnic

Select: eServices > Nanyang Polytechnic

- School Fees Payment
Lion City Rentals

Select: General > Lion City Rentals

- Deposit Payment
- Arrears Payment

Select: Fines >MyEG

- Malaysia Traffic Fine Payment
Temasek Polytechnic

Select: Education > Temasek Polytechnic

- School Fees Payment