Make your payments on
AXS channels and win the dream drive of your lifetime!

Rev up your chances from
1 Aug 2018 to 31 Jul 2019.

Missed the last season of winning your dream drive? This year, we bring you 3X the excitement!

Be 1 of our 12 finalists for a chance to drive away your dream Porsche Macan, the 718 Boxster or 718 Cayman!

Pay with AXS m-Station
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2x chances!

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  • Every unique bill payment per qualifying period (“QP”) will earn participant 1 lucky draw chance.
  • Earn 2x chances on AXS m-Station app.
  • 1st time entry: eligible customer has to enter the following information to participate
    - NRIC/FIN no.
    - Name
    - Contact no.
    - Date of birth
    - email address
  • Subsequent entry: eligible participant only needs to enter NRIC/FIN no.
    (if he/she is already registered).
  • 1 finalist will be drawn for each QP (total 12 finalists) randomly via electronic means.
    Finalists will be conducted by phone.
  • Participants who are not finalists will have their chances roll over to the subsequent months. Chances are accumulative throughout the promotion period.
  • Selected finalists will not be eligible to earn chances for subsequent QP.



Date: 19 October 2019 (Tentative)
Venue: To be determined
All finalists will be informed once the details have been confirmed


  • The 12 finalists and their family/friends will be invited to an event whereby the final winner
    will be selected.
  • The mechanics of the final winner selection will be shared at the event.


The winner will have a choice to drive home one of these amazing rides!

Porsche 718 Boxster

The sexy and swift Porsche 718 Boxster is an embodiment of automotive excellence. It’s athleticism is unmatched, giving drivers a smooth and engaging ride with refined controls and a comfortable interior.

Porsche 2019 Macan

The all new Porsche Macan, is a small-luxurious SUV, beautifully built and impeccably tuned that fills the drive with intensity and exhilaration.

Porsche 718 Cayman

The 718 Cayman, delivers Porsche-grade thrills with sleek and classy look that signals Porsche’s heritage and track-ready performance. The Cayman gives drivers a high-revving zing easily and better fuel economy.


One of the following 12 finalists will be getting their hands on the dream Porsche of their choice! WIll you be that lucky one?


Qualifying Period 1
(1 – 31 Aug 2018)

August 2018

Qualifying Period 2
(1 – 30 Sep 2018)

September 2018

Qualifying Period 3
(1 – 31 Oct 2018)

October 2018

Qualifying Period 4
(1 – 30 Nov 2018)

November 2018

Qualifying Period 5
(1 – 31 Dec 2018)

December 2018

Qualifying Period 6
(1 – 31 Jan 2019)

January 2019

Qualifying Period 7
(1 – 28 Feb 2019)

February 2019

Qualifying Period 8
(1 – 31 Mar 2019)

March 2019

Qualifying Period 9
(1 – 30 Apr 2019)

April 2019

Qualifying Period 10
(1 – 31 May 2019)

May 2019

Qualifying Period 11
(1 – 30 Jun 2019)

June 2019

Qualifying Period 12
(1 – 31 Jul 2019)

July 2019



Tune in October 2019 for the results.


Terms & Conditions of “Drive the Dream 2 with AXS” (“Promotion”)

The Promotion is organised by AXS Pte Ltd (“AXS”) and supported by Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited (“Chubb”).


  1. This Promotion is open to all individuals who are eighteen (18) years old and above, and are Singapore Citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents or foreigners residing in Singapore, that make Qualifying Transaction (as defined in Clause 8) on AXS channels (as defined in Clause 4) (“Eligible Customer”).
  2. The following persons are not eligible to participate in and are disqualified from the Promotion:
    2.1. Any individual below eighteen (18) years old;
    2.2. Employees of AXS and their spouses (if applicable);
    2.3. Employees of Chubb and their spouses (if applicable);
    2.4. Employees of vendors, advertising agencies or external auditors of AXS and any other parties who are directly involved in the organising, promoting or conducting of the Promotion; and
    2.5. Corporate or other entities.
  3. AXS may from time to time in its absolute discretion decide on the eligibility for participation of the Promotion.
  1. Only eligible payment performed on the following AXS channels will qualify for the Promotion (“Participating Channels”)
    (i) AXS Station
    (ii) AXS e-Station
    (iii) AXS m-Station
  1. The Promotion shall commence from 1 August 2018 to 31 July 2019, both dates inclusive (“Promotion Period”).
  1. The Promotion Period consists of twelve (12) periods (“Qualifying Periods”), by which a finalist will be drawn for each period (“Draw”).
  2. To qualify for each Draw, Eligible Customers have to perform Qualifying Transaction (as defined in Clause 8) during the Qualifying Period as set out below.
  1. Eligible Customers must successfully perform a payment/transaction, regardless of amount, to at least one of the following services through the Participating Channels during the Promotion Period to be eligible for the Promotion (“Qualifying Transaction”).
  2. Chance allocation for each Qualifying Period for Qualifying Transaction is as follows:
  1. There is no limit to the number of chances Eligible Customer may be allocated during the Qualifying Period across the Participating Channels.
  2. Draw chances are accumulative throughout the Promotion Period for non-finalists.

    Qualifying Period 1
    Payment 1: Bill A on AXS Station = 1 chance earned
    Payment 2: Bill B on AXS m-Station = 2 chances earned
    Payment 3: Bill B and Bill C on AXS Station = 1 chance earned
    (as you have paid for Bill B in the Payment 2).
    Total chances earned for qualifying period 1 = 4 chances

    Qualifying Period 2
    Payment 1: Bill A and Bill D on AXS e-Station = 2 chances earned
    Payment 2: Bill B and Bill C on AXS m-Station = 4 chances earned
    Total Draw chances allocated for qualifying period 2 = 6 chances
    Total accumulative Draw chances for the two qualifying periods = 10 chances

  1. Draw chances accumulated are non-transferable and cannot be combined with draw chances accumulated by any other Eligible Customer.
  1. The draw will be conducted at AXS Office Lobby (61 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-11 Sultan Link Singapore 239001) on the Draw dates and times (as stated in Clause 7), or any such date, time or venue as may be determined by AXS.
  2. On the Draw date of each Qualifying Period, one (1) finalist and five (5) reserve finalists will be selected.
  3. The finalist and reserve finalists will be selected at random by means of a computerized or electronic system. The reserve finalists are drawn to replace any finalist subsequently disqualified.
  4. All finalists will be contacted through phone. AXS will attempt to make at least two (2) phone calls a day for three (3) consecutive working days to the finalist, from phone number (+65) 6560 2727, to obtain their full particulars for verification purposes and to inform them of The Event (as stated in Clause 19). In the event that AXS is unable to contact a finalist within this period, AXS will choose an eventual finalist from the reserve finalist list of the respective Qualifying Period.
  5. The twelve (12) finalists at the end of the Promotion Period will attend The Event, which the final winner (“Winner”) will be determined.
  6. AXS’s decision as to the finalists and reserve finalists of the Promotion shall be final and conclusive.
  1. The Winner will be determined from the twelve (12) finalists at the final event (“The Event”) on a date, time and venue as determined by AXS.
  2. AXS shall notify the finalists the actual date, time and venue for The Event by phone and post.
  3. All finalists have to be present in person, with their identity cards and entry letters, at The Event to participate in the selection of the Winner. Representative or nominee on behalf of the finalist is not allowed. Should the finalist not be able to attend The Event in person for whatsoever reason, the finalist will be disqualified from the Promotion.
  1. The finalists will be notified of how the Winner will be determined at The Event.
  2. The Winner of the Promotion will be announced on AXS website ( and/or Chubb website (, AXS Channels (where available) and a newspaper of AXS’ choice.
  3. AXS’ decision as to the Winner of the Promotion shall be final and conclusive.
  1. There is only one (1) prize for this Promotion.
  2. The Winner shall choose from a Porsche 2019 Macan, Porsche 718 Cayman or Porsche 718 Boxster as his/her prize (“The Prize”).
  3. The Prize includes (i) 12 months road tax and (ii) the prevailing Goods and Service Tax (“GST”), and excludes, including but not limited to Certificate of Entitlement (“COE”), motor insurance and add-on options which shall be borne by the Winner.
  4. The Prize is limited to the basic model specification with standard colour selection as determined by AXS. Upgrade of any items, including but not limited to equipment, accessories and non-standard colours will incur additional charges, payable to Stuttgart Auto Pte Ltd (“Stuttgart”) by the Winner.
  5. The Prize will only be transferred to the name of the Winner as confirmed by AXS. AXS and Stuttgart are not obliged to transfer the Prize in the name of any other
  6. The Prize is non-exchangeable, non-transferable and non-redeemable for cash, credit or any other prizes and other items in part or in whole. AXS reserves the right to replace or substitute the Prize with another prize of similar value at any time and without prior notice.
  7. The Winner shall be responsible to pay the necessary duties, fees, taxes, levies, and other charges as imposed by any relevant authorities in Singapore and/or the Stuttgart.
  8. The Winner and/or any other persons who benefit from the Prize accept and enjoy the Prize at their own risk. AXS shall not be responsible or liable for any defect or malfunction in the Prize and/or for any loss, injury, damage or harm suffered or incurred or in connection with the receipt, use or enjoyment of the Prize by any person.
  9. AXS makes no warranties or representations whatsoever as to the quality of fitness for purpose or any other implied terms and conditions with respect to the Prize.
  1. Any participant in the Promotion or the Instant Win has to agree to disclose his/her personal information as entered for the Promotion (“Participation Form”) to AXS and Chubb.
    34.1. Name as per NRIC or Passport
    34.2. NRIC/FIN no.
    34.3. Date of birth
    34.4. Contact no.
    34.5. Email address
  2. The information as entered in the Participation Form will be used for:
    35.1. Contacting and verifying of the finalists, and matters relating to the Promotion and other marketing related activities;
    35.2. Enrolment in Instant Win and Chubb may use it to contact the Customers for customer services, marketing and other related activities in future via mail/ electronic mail/SMS/ calls.
  1. To be eligible for the Instant Win, participants need to be:
    36.1. Singapore citizens or Singapore permanent residents;
    36.2. Aged between eighteen (18) and fifty-five (55) years old (inclusive);
    36.3. Not insured under any free personal accident cover underwritten by Chubb in the last twelve (12) months preceding the date of receipt of the Participation Form.
  2. Upon successful enrolment, participants (“Policyholder”) will receive the Policy from Chubb containing the policy documents (including policy schedule) within seven (7) working days by electronic mail sent to the email address as provided.
  3. If your enrolment has not been successful, Chubb will notify you by email.
  4. The Policy will take effect immediately from the date (“Commencement Date”) on which the Participation Form is submitted via Participating Channels.
  5. Each Policyholder is only allowed to receive one (1) Policy for the Instant Win during the Promotion Period.
  6. The coverage of Policy is listed below:
  7. The Policy covers accidental permanent total disability as defined in the policy wording. In the event of accidental permanent total disability, Chubb will provide coverage of S$10,000 subject to the terms and conditions of the Policy. For the full terms, conditions and exclusions, please refer to
  8. Pursuant to Section 25(5) of the Insurance Act Chapter 142, Policyholder has to disclose in his/her Participation Form fully and faithfully, all the facts he/she knows or ought to have known to Chubb, otherwise the Policy issued here under may be void and Policyholder may receive nothing from it. Chubb has only provided Policyholder with product information. Policyholder should seek advice from a qualified advisor if in doubt.
  9. Chubb reserves the right to reject Policyholder’s Policy enrolment in accordance to its internal policy without any notification.
  10. The Policy will terminate automatically on the date falling six (6) months after the Commencement Date. Chubb may cancel the Policy at any time by giving one (1) month’s prior notice. Chubb strives to maintain Policyholder’s coverage at existing terms. Chubb may effect changes to the Policy with thirty (30) days’ advance notice.
  1. AXS reserves the right to use the names, identification numbers and pictures/photographs of any or all the finalists and Winner for print advertisements or other publicity materials; and may otherwise engage any or all the finalists and Winner for its publicity purposes without any compensation whatsoever and in such manner as AXS deems fit. In addition, participation in the Promotion is deemed express consent to disclosure of the participant’s personal particulars to any person or entity involved in organising, promoting or conducting the lucky draws for purposes of the Promotion.
  2. Notwithstanding anything herein, AXS has the absolute discretion to determine the eligibility of any person to participate in the Promotion or receive The Prize.
  3. AXS’ decision on all matters relating to or in connection with the Promotion (including the draw chances awarded to Eligible Customers and the selection of the finalists, reserve finalists and Winner) is final and binding on all Eligible Customers. AXS shall not be obliged to enter into any correspondence on any matter concerning the Promotion, except for the notifications of the finalists and the Winner. AXS reserves its absolute right to determine an outcome and act as it deems fit in any dispute and/or issues relating thereto.
  4. AXS shall not be liable to the Eligible Customer for any loss or damage or expenses arising in connection with the Promotion, including without limitation, any error in computing any draw chances, any technical hardware or software breakdown or malfunction or defects in any computer/electronic system or equipment, failed, delayed or incorrect transactions, or lost or unavailable network connections, and any notice that is misdirected or lost in post, which may affect any Eligible Customers’ eligibility in the Promotion.
  5. AXS may vary these terms and conditions, or withdraw or discontinue the Promotion at any time without any notice or liability to any party.
  6. AXS shall not be liable to any person in any way for any loss or damage howsoever arising from or in connection with the Promotion and/or any of the Prizes.
  7. In the event of any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and any brochures, marketing or promotional materials relating to the Promotion, these terms and conditions shall prevail.
  8. These terms and conditions are governed by Singapore law and the Eligible Customers agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore Courts.
  9. A person who is not a party to these terms and conditions shall have no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act (Cap. 53B) to enforce any of these terms and conditions and notwithstanding any terms herein, the consent of any third party is not required for any variation (including any release or compromise of any liability) or termination of the Promotion.
  10. AXS is not an insurance agent for Chubb and does not endorse the Policy; and is not responsible for any information provided by Chubb about the Policy. Other Terms and Conditions apply.
  1. The Eligible Customers consent under the Personal Data Protection Act (Cap 26 of 2012) (“Act”) to the collection, use and disclosure of the Eligible Customers’ personal data by/to the organisers, promoters or conductors of the Promotion and such other third party for the purpose of the Promotion and the Eligible Customers confirm that they have read and agree to be bound by the terms of the AXS Privacy Policy, as may be amended, supplemented and/or substituted by AXS from time to time, a copy of which can be found at
  2. Customer is deemed to have given consent and authorisation to Chubb to collect, use, disclose, and/or process his/her personal data or information supplied to Chubb without further notification to him/her, confidentially with its affiliated companies, third party service providers, business partners and/or other parties which may be sited outside of Singapore, for administering policies taken out with Chubb, customer services and to allow Chubb and/or its business partners to perform marketing and related activities, until Chubb receives Customer written instruction to the contrary. Upon Customer’s written request, Chubb shall, without charge, cease to use his/her personal information for purposes other than those directly related to the Policy. A copy of Chubb's Personal Data Protection Policy can be found at and Customer is deemed to have read the same.
  3. Customer can write to Chubb's Data Protection Officer at 138 Market Street #11-01 CapitaGreen, Singapore 048946 for any request to withdraw his/her consent, access to and/or correction of any personal information supplied to Chubb and Chubb may reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee to offset the administrative costs in complying with access requests.