AXS BizPay

AXS BizPay is a payment platform that enables Buyers to make secured payments to non-card accepting Suppliers using their Visa Corporate Cards.


Bills Available for Payment on AXS BizPay
  • IRAS corporate tax
  • LTA road tax renewal
  • M1 postpaid
  • Singtel postpaid
  • SP Services postpaid
  • StarHub postpaid
  • Other Supplier/Payee – add your preferred supplier/payee to receive payments (e.g. office rental payments)

Why choose AXS BizPay?
Streamline your payment and reconciliation processes

Leveraging on AXS’ existing processes and settlement engine, AXS BizPay will process your payment and settle the funds on your behalf to the intended recipient. This greatly increase the efficiency of your business.
Optimise working capital

With extended credit terms offered by Visa Corporate Card, the cashflow of your business can be managed more effectively.
Robust and Secured Platform

AXS constantly keep pace with the latest security technology and updates our platforms. With this robust and secured system, AXS has proven to be trusted in handling payments on behalf of consumers and businesses since 2001.

How AXS BizPay works?

If you have any issue setting up your company’s account, please contact us at

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