What's New

Newly Launched
We are excited to announce the following new services on our AXS Station.

Select: Healthcare > Regenosis

- Healthcare Bill Payment
NParks BBQ/ Camping Permit
Select: Lifestyle > NParks BBQ/ Camping Permit

- BBQ Pit Booking & Payment
- Camping Permit Application

Select: Government > NParks/AVS

- NParks BBQ Pit Booking & Payment
- NParks Camping Permit Application
- Licence/Certificates/Other Services
- Dog Licences

The Pines
Select: Memberships > The Pines

- Membership Fee Instalment Payment [Coming Soon]
- Monthly Subscription & General Expenses
QBE Insurance
Select: Insurance > QBE Insurance

- Insurance Payment

For a complete list of new services, click here.

Ongoing Promotions
Here are our latest promotions!

Step up your health when you top up!
Top-up $10 = 1 Chance
Top-up $35 & above = 10 Chances
Grab your FREE life insurance from Singlife when you pay your credit card bills!
Plus get 10x chances to win a Samsung Galaxy S22 5G when you sign up for free life insurance.

For a complete list of ongoing promotions, click here.

New Station Locations
We are currently sourcing for new locations to provide you with more accessibility.